But the UK is far more rigid. But I have to say that after moving to both, I think its a tie.Both countries are very multicultural, but only have a few cities with booming job options. How do I pick a country to live abroad? Try to avoid giving in to this cultural difference when you move to the UK. Yes! And partially to do with stigma of classism related to accents (Ill get into that later). To quote my friend Chris, I introduce you to council tax, which is taking your hard-earned money and setting it on fire!. Stop by the Cotswolds to visit the prettiest cottages and maybe consider moving into one of them while youre there. In London, I got to enjoy a taste of Harry Potter. Yes, moving to the UK can be a good idea for many people. And unfortunately theyve become important to know about if youre considering moving to England. There is the odd machine that charges you to make a withdrawal. Rishi Sunaks Vague Promises: An Act in Five Parts, Capital unites to launch campaign, ensuring all know the new Voter ID requirement for elections, Sex Work: The Ugly Side of Pretty Woman. The UK would no longer have to pay membership fees, which are estimated to be about 11 per cent of the UKs annual GDP, around 200 billion. WebThe UK sees the need to have large armed forces, a nuclear deterrent, large imposing embassies etc that we wouldn't have in an independent Scotland. Moving away from the unhealthy world of fish and chip shops, Scotland actually has a fantastic selection of vegetarian and vegan food, both in takeaway restaurants and grocery stores. It is a land of deep-fried food. Most cities in the south dont get more than a handful of snowfalls per year, many of which barely settle on the ground before melting. There are many other countries that are much more welcoming and fun to live in! Coming from Canada, the land of fees, I was amazed that bank accounts were free in Scotland. You need a travel insurance provider you can trust to get you through the stress and be accessible 24/7. As of 2019, it costs 300 each year of your working holiday (2-year max stay). This land has full of friendly Scottish people. Scotland is connecting its places and cities with a cheap public transport system through regular buses, trains, and trams. Everything is made to be satisfying, homey, and warm. Many British people struggle with others wherever they may be from. You will find lots of adjustment issues if you are moving from another country. I was living in Oxford, England just before the pandemic hit. The public transportation system is not very reliable or efficient.5. The UK has a strong economy and offers excellent opportunities for employment and education.The cost of living is high but manageable, and the weather is mild compared to other countries in Europe.The public transportation system is efficient, and the culture is interesting to explore.If you are considering moving to the UK, research different cities and regions to find the best fit for you. There are loads of temporary job opportunities for foreign expat workers looking for ways to earn as part of a working holiday in Scotland. In fact, the UK has quite an issue with -isms. Ive had some really bad experiences with customer service here. Some people love living in the UK, while others find it difficult to adjust to the lifestyle.I found England to be a very nice place to live because it is safe, there are many opportunities for employment and education, and the culture is interesting.As a solo female, I found Britain a very good place to live. People are forgiving if you dont know it, and will help teach you. These airlines really are bare bones. Stricter voter ID laws can increase public confidence in the election process. Alternatively, you can find temporary jobs through Scotland's job agencies, which sometimes provide accommodation in conjunction with employment. If UK leave EU will the power of economics, immigrations and a lot of more debates will be settle in the nation instead of in the EU commission. If you want to see the countryside, go hiking, or do anything that isnt within walking distance of the train station, youll be out of luck. Want to know how to work in Scotland? In Malta, the unemployment rate is very low and there is generally a large supply of jobs, so of course If you go to cities like Bristol, youll find it much more reasonable. In Scotland, I can leave the city center and see sheep and cows and horses within a 10-minute drive. So, it is always the wisest step to do a little investigation before making the next move. Delicious, unhealthy and my personal favourite, the pizza supper is a deep-fried individual cheese pizza served with a side of chips. Consumers could also benefit from the UK no longer having to follow policies like the Common Agricultural Policy, which costs Britain 1 billion a year in subsidies to foreign farmers and is believed to waste a lot of money on bureaucratic spending. Even if you get your hands on a beloved tumble dryer, they are terrible in Scotland! Theres a dairy-free brand of yogurt (among other dairy-free foods) called Alpro. The most popular city for work is London. They barely get winter. Possibly. Even though you will have access to free healthcare, you are advised to purchase travel insurance for the duration of your stay in Scotland. When I started working, all my co-workers invited me out, treated me wonderfully and really made me feel part of the team. Expats living in England will need to invest in a vehicle, especially if they choose to live outside of major cities like London. As a rain lover, I had a hard time putting weather on the cons list. I only had to visit the doctor once during my two-year stay and received wonderful treatment, just for having a permanent address in Scotland. Youll come away from your time in the UK with a whole new language based on slang from different regions. You might get irritated with continuous rain. 4. In Canada, a cottage is a lakehouse. They often leave you to this, only hiring you once youve finalized the details. They do not discriminate on the basis of caste or country but ready to help whenever they ask to do that. This would mean the UK would have the equivalent of 95100 representatives in Congress and 95100 electoral votes. Growing up in a multicultural city, I love walking down the street and hearing a variety of accents, seeing people of different ethnicities, and enjoying a range of ethnic foods from various places around the world. Theyre all just so much more fun than my American-Canadian accent! Some people love living in the UK, while others find it difficult to adjust to the lifestyle.I found England to be a very nice place to live because it is safe, there are many opportunities for employment and education, and the culture is interesting.However, I did find the cost of living to be quite high, and the weather to be quite dreary in winter.If youre considering moving to the UK, I would suggest spending some time there to see if its a nice place for you to live. One of the only downfalls of living in Scotland as a glasses-wearer is the constant rain. (This is one of my favourite benefits of living in the UK to be honest.). Some of the names are Culzean Castle, Stirling Castle, Balmoral Castle, Urquhart Castle, etc. But youll always be told the fee and given the option to cancel the transaction before youre charged. WebHere are some points that highlight the value that tourism gives and the advantages of a country investing in this industry. You can visit doctors at any time, and the prescription charges are free. The xenophobic and fiscally conservative party, the Tories, wanted to leave the EU to get more autonomy. You can also get deep-fried cheeseburgers, sausages, haggis, and even deep-fried Mars Bars! It has a variety of landscapes that vary from the extreme beauty of Jurassic Coast to the quaint charm of a country cottage to the fantastic wonder of Stonehenge. Its truly an incredible place for foreign workers, whether you visit as part of your gap year with a working holiday visa, as a student studying at one of the universities or even if youre looking for a new place to live within Europe. These Three Words Describe Me in The Best Way. I was able to explore the home of Shakespeare, see an ancient market town, and visit the historic Avon river. In the UK, not so much. Even office parties show the signs of binge drinking. My sister is literally incapable of understanding anyone who has anything more than a London accent. Scotland has a shrinking and ageing workforce and a shrinking birth rate. When things dont go to plan, have World Nomads on your side. Scotland is responsible for 96 percent of the UKs oil and 63 percent of its natural gas production. Someday you will notice I love a good pub night out, even though I dont drink. WebScotland will be better of leaving the U.K. Irelands economy has grown substantially during the last couple of years. British panel shows have been in my life since I was a kid, so maybe thats why I never had a problem with UK accents. Buy it here and let me know if you love it as much as I do! Getting a Visa is also a complicated process. After living in Glasgow and Oxford two of the most different cities in the UK I can tell you that theres a world of difference between these countries.Scotland and England have very different systems, even though theyre apart of the same Commonwealth. The only way to get out of paying is not to own a TV. Itll be the best thing youve ever tried. The UK is way more temperate, with temperatures rarely dropping below 0 in the south. On A Mission to Help Small Businesses to Be a Brand. Theyll end up delayed or cancelled entirely. WebNot sure if it is a pro or a con but with 65 million people the UK would instantly become the largest state by a huge margin. Although chances are it would actually be four new states England, Scotland, Wales and NI. And, theres always a waiting list for every kind of treatment or appointment. Still undecided? Im a literature buff. Scotland, in particular, the big cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, has many job opportunities for foreign and temporary workers. I never purchased glasses when I was there, but I did buy high-quality contact lenses for a very low price. Living in the UK is like living in a library. That being said, always ensure you have safety essentials on hand, like alert apps. Spooky Destination Guide Salem Massachusetts, Want to try some Irn Bru and see how great it is? Britains energy security is also stronger as part of the EU because it negotiates for energy as part of a larger bloc. Whats the best luggage for living abroad? The cost of living is high but manageable, and the weather is mild compared to other countries in Europe.If youre looking for a more exciting lifestyle, there are other countries that may be better suited for you. Since the British historically took over basically everything, theyve gathered a population from around the world. Whats the best site to buy cheap flights? Scotland can make its own decisions in devolved areas, while sharing risks and resources with the rest of the UK. Scotland is the land of deep-fried food. Ive introduced so many friends to Mock the Week, 8 out of 10 Cats, 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Would I Lie To You?, and more! Take this $7 course and learn the exact script I used to tell my family I was moving abroad and then when I did it again. When you move to the UK and are struggling to meet people, just head to the pub! So be prepared to dash outside often to pull your clothes off the line and dry them inside on a clothes drying horse instead! Share the pros and cons of your experience living in the UK in the comments! If youre looking to move for better work opportunities, the UK might just be the country for you! Although the UK contains four countries, this post will focus on living in England. If Northern Ireland wants to stay in the EU, it actually has the right, as part of the Good Friday agreement, to have a referendum themselves on joining Ireland whenever it wants one. In Stratford-upon-Avon, I visited Shakespeares birthplace and traced his life through the village. Everywhere you look, youre sure to see stunning landscapes that will leave you in awe. They just dont know the right food! There are many pros and cons to living in the UK, but if youre considering moving there, read this first! If Northern Ireland wants to stay in the EU, it Cons: Dilemma of Debt and Deficit Projections by the Institute of Fiscal Studies have revealed that Scotlands public deficit is higher than that of the rest of the UK. You might experience the four seasons in a single day. Save money on moving abroad by booking cheap airline tickets and accommodations with this platform! While I still wouldnt walk down a dark alley, I dont worry because the people will support you. If you have any fears please check out my post about what to expect when moving to Scotland. It kept me going during the dark Glasgow winter. There are many differences between living in the UK and living in India.The cost of living is higher in the UK, but there are more employment and educational opportunities. Due to the high cost of petrol (gas), you would not able to run your own car on the roads of Scotland. As you advance in your business, youll get even more time off! I absolutely loved it! A pro of living in the UK is the slang. Whether you are looking for a temporary office job in a city or a farm job with accommodation, check out my post on how to get a job in Scotland for more information. The UK prefers to hire their own citizens. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, while other cities are more affordable.Ultimately, the cost of living depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Scotland natives have learned to live with the rainy season. Its not good for your liver or your wallet! From being unable to understand the Scottish accent (dont worry, youll get so used to it you wont even notice people have accents eventually) to be unable to figure out where to buy certain items of clothing or struggling to figure out how to do laundry, Scotlands culture can be tricky to come to terms with. Six police officers were attacked which led to three needing hospital treatment Credit: Alamy. Although England isnt actually that dreary, the media has painted it as a country where it never stops raining. Moving abroad is an opportunity to learn the language. Renting a car in the UK is a necessity for visitors. If youre born in Scotland or staying here for at least three years, youre eligible to get free education without paying a tuition fee. Yes, an American can move to England. Usually, the machines are one washer-dryer combo, with a definite quality compromise on the dryer side. ).One negative is that even in southern city like Glasgow, it gets dark around 3pm in winter. But the notion that leaving the UK at the mercy of a right-wing Tory Government influenced by UKIP is a real and stark prospect after independence. The UK is a good place to live for many reasons. Its also readily available throughout the year in restaurants. But, every story has two sides. Make getting a bank account MUCH easier by opening a free multi-currency account here. I went through a few temp agencies before ultimately deciding to work at one of Edinburghs major attractions. Since it can be a headache to open bank accounts in different countries (it took me 2 months in the UK! This can even just be checking emails but it means you dont get to turn your brain off and take a proper break. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You can find work abroad via local job boards or temp agencies. You can hop over to Amsterdam, Morocco, or even Iceland for a weekend without needing to fly for two days straight. Pub culture is one of the most fun aspects of British culture. The cost of living is high but manageable, and the weather is mild compared to other countries in Europe.There are many excellent employment and educational opportunities, and the public transportation system is efficient.The UK also has a rich culture that is interesting to explore, and there are many beautiful places to visit. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. The public transportation system is reliable and efficient.4. Scotland consists of many historical places that are a thousand years old. But even I notice the difference in the UK. So of course British food plays a role in my love of England. Having easy access to fully furnished flats makes living in a country temporarily much easier. Planning on moving to Scotland? The prostates for leaving the EU are that the nation will get more control over the rules. Scotland is a beautiful country to visit in the world. Finally youll have someone to talk to about James Acasters perfect line on Scenes Id Like to See! If youre ready to move to Scotland, you should also be prepared to fight with its rainy climate. 1. The prices of Scotland properties are quite high. GDP of $400 billion and GDP per capita at $80,000 considering their population is the same as Scotlands. Rather than tearing down damaged wings and rebuilding from the ground up, she chose not to rebuild some parts of the house at all, leaving the earthquakes scars To open a UK bank account, you will need your Visa, proof of tenancy, a proof of enrollment in a school or proof of a job, and proper identification. If youre going to move abroad, it should be somewhere pretty, right? When I lived in Oxford, I could wear leather boots and a fleece jacket on the coldest days. There are several different council tax bands, from Band A (the cheapest) to Band H (the most expensive), which dictate how much you need to pay. If youve decided to shift this place or just thinking to spend some time at Glasgow or any part of Scotland, here check the list of Pros and Cons of living in Scotland. When I lived in New Zealand, no one cared about email signatures the way they obsess about them in England!The one major pro of the UK over New Zealand is its centrality. 4. Not all British people enjoy it. -High cost of living-The weather-Difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle-Racism. Slum. You can easily go for a quick tour around the city without buying a car or heavy transportation charges. Imagine the music from the Legend of Zelda when Link opens up a treasure chest playing as you approach this shelf. When I was considering a job in publishing in the UK, I was immediately put off when I found out almost every UK worker will be on the clock from the time they get up to the time they go to bed. From the economical implications to international alliances, here are the arguments for and against Scotland going forward alone. Living in the UK means you need a bank account. Youll see some unfortunately graphic street art and graffiti of these people espousing their beliefs. (but we can still complain!). Highly qualified and professional people earn a lot and live very well. Everything is preserved in a beautiful structure. The weather is not too hot or cold. Lets take a look at what else makes it worth living in the UK! The UK actually has a two-tiered system, more like New Zealands. The UK is one of the safest countries for women. The UK has a flourishing economy. Nina Out and About contains affiliate links and is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. They both have free healthcare options, but incredibly long wait times. Yes, it is safe to live in England. Mostly, these are infrequent and harmless encounters. The food is often bland and not very exciting.8. The UK is full of adorable villages with tudor cottage homes. Peter Damian, a 10th-century monk, related the story of a woman in Rome who was shocked to see a familiar figure coming out of a basilica dedicated to the Virgin Every job gets a minimum of 4 weeks off even if you work somewhere like McDonalds! Unlimited data plans and unlimited texting actually mean unlimited. No one wants things to go wrong on their getaway, but sometimes accidents happen. One of the biggest ones is sending over money so you can start your life here. The weather is mild compared to other countries in Europe.6. You can read more about my review of types of suitcases for travel here. While the origins of their multiculturalism are suspect at best (lets be real, theyre pretty shady! Learn languages in no time with iTalki! Yes! Wealth Generation. If you dont speak English fluently, dont have a UK passport, or live anywhere north of Oxford, youll struggle to find a job. I even include tips for prepping your family, and for how to handle family who arent supportive. Then you need to know some Living In Scotland pros and cons to prepare for your move and settle in! Cons: Westminster. Class systems were very entrenched in their society, creating a clear divide between the upper and lower classes. The restaurants and hotels serve a fantastic selection of vegans and vegetarian food. After getting three degrees in literature, its pretty obvious that words are my thing. My friend needed to see a psychiatrist for medications immediately, but was told it would take at least 2 months, even though she was a critical care patient due to a brain injury. With its rich history, diverse culture, and abundance of opportunities, England is an excellent place to call home. Sure, the UK gets a decent amount of rain, but probably no more than most countries. I love the UK for their holiday leave. How much you pay depends on where you live, what type of accommodation you live in, and whether you have a TV. Even using cash machines from other banks was free. Scotland is home to the infamous haggis ground-up sheeps heart, liver and lungs stuffed inside a sheeps stomach. Or let me know which of these cons would be a deal breaker for you! Thats saying something cause my time living in Scotland was one of the darkest in my life (thanks anxiety and depression! One of the main reasons the UK is so safe is that there are CCTV cameras in all major cities. Moving to England requires a lot of steps. If you have family or friends in the UK, it may be worth considering moving for them.If youre looking for better economic opportunities, the UK may be a good option. There are a lot of things I love about living in the UK, but there are also some things I really miss about living in the US.Some of the things I love about living in the UK include:-The free healthcare! But if it ever happens to you, I advise you to ignore the person and carry on. Edinburg and Glasgow cities in Scotland have many good job opportunities for workers and foreigners. It really depends on the region you live in. It rains pretty often. Sites like Gumtree are great when it comes to finding the perfect place. Make sure you check out my post about where to live in Edinburgh or how to find a flat in Glasgow to get help finding a flat or renting a room in Scotland. ). After living in a myriad of countries, Ive gotten sick of the sound of my own accent and prefer to be around others. Pros and Cons of Scottish Independence. However, certain places arent right for certain people.So the UK would be a bad place to live if you hate rain, struggle with accents, dont want to live in a multicultural area, and think adorable cottages are gross. The Common Fisheries Policy also places regulations on the British Fishing Industry that prevents it from reaching its potential. To find cheap rental cars, I recommendDiscover Cars. It wouldnt join Scotland, if only because they wouldnt have had a vote in the referendum on leaving the UK in Scotland. As a Canadian who gets 2 weeks off with the maximum option of 4 weeks per year, this sounds like heaven. There is a lot of history and tradition that can be difficult to understand or appreciate.9. Before you move to Scotland, you need to pay a one-time immigration health surcharge when you apply for your temporary work visa. Its expensive, but wont cost you nearly as much as in the USA. Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. On this point, at least, its clear what Scots want, says Times foreign affairs correspondent Ian Bremmer. England has both beauty and opportunity. Licensing: 20+ Differences between, 15+ Gastric Banding Surgery Pros And cons. We dont have it in Canada, and I miss it dearly. This has continued today, with class and wealth holding a lot of weight for WASP (white anglo saxon people) of the upper society. The crime rate is low, and the police are efficient and responsive.There have been terrorist attacks in the past, but the government has taken measures to improve security.If you take precautions and use common sense, you will be safe living in England. In Scotland, mobile phone plans are phenomenal. (Read more). Yes! Once you get a job, its much easier to keep getting jobs. This doesnt really relate to female safety in the UK, but it was a PAIN when I lived there. From understanding the Scottish accent to finding essential items or shops, people have to do struggle to accommodate Scotland. I recommend this platform to find jobs as a foreigner. WebSo Im half Scott and half English, and often caught in the crossfires between the two sides (fun family). The cons didnt outweigh the pros, but they did shock me when I first arrived. Scotland is known for producing great food from seas, lochs, and fields. However, to stay longer than 6 months, to work in the country, or to live in England, I needed a visa. Theres a small section for tourists who have no idea whats going on to sit in and hide from the madness. Here's my list of the pros and cons of living in Scotland, regardless of whether you're planning on moving to Glasgow, moving to Edinburgh or anywhere else in Scotland. food, great opportunities, and amazing people. But, visiting these places is just an eye-opener. If I didnt have a screen on my window in Canada, Id be constantly plagued by spiders and other bugs in my bedroom because there wouldnt be a barrier between the inside and the outside world. In addition, the weather in the UK can be quite dreary, and many people may miss the sunny climate of South Africa.On the other hand, there are many excellent educational and employment opportunities in the UK that dont exist in SA.Its also MUCH safer in the UK. Im what a dog trainer would call food motivated. I recommend this SIM card for new immigrants. Its a really helpful and cheap thing to ensure your online activities arent restricted. I use them exclusively now to send my money around the world. WebThis depends upon the nature of the secession: A soft Scexit which preserves the UK single market, retains the pound sterling and retains free movement across the border, A hard Scexit in which Scotland changes currency, joins the EU single market and erects a hard border with England. It depends picking a country to live in is hard. If you make a purchase using one of these Amazon links, I may receive compensation at no extra cost to you. WebWhy you should move to Scotland, Moving to Scotland, Pros of Scotland, Cons of Scotland, Pros and cons of living in Scotland, pros and cons of moving to Scotland, moving to Scotland from US, moving to Scotland from Canada, wanderingcrystal, living in Scotland, living in Scotland Scottish Highlands, pros and cons of living in Edinburgh, Scottish people eat haggis and have it at least once a year on Burns Night, a celebration honouring Robbie Burns. Let us find out what are the pros and cons of living in Malta. For four months wed just all have to hibernate! In the US, we have a lot of really good (and unhealthy) food options. So things like a good sausage roll with flaky pastry, a perfectly crumbly scotch egg, and a runny meat pie all become Michelin-star delicacies when done right. Whether you need short-term, long-term or budget-friendly coverage, World Nomads has your back. WebThe Pros and Cons of Living in Scotland. Im not a fan of any country that prioritizes work over living a healthy life. These cookies do not store any personal information. This offers tons of work opportunities to British citizens.