This is the same Nue you will fight normally in this Palace but during this encounter you will have only Joker and Ryuji. As mentioned, Confidants have different days they are available, and some are only available during the evening. written next to their name. When Futaba joins the fight you wont need to worry about Rapid Ascend anymore. World Arcana April that heals 200 HP for one ally and costs only 200 yen; After completing any game you can come here and get an accessory as a reward, At the Akihabara Arcade you can play the machine on the bottom left to get a. Akihabara has 2 more vending machines that sell SP recovery items. Expert Customization: Unlocks more parts for customization. The boss has Brave Blade and Heat Wave, two high-damaging physical attacks. On the second round, use Joker to hit Onmoraki with ice and pass to Ann again. Having all 4 weapons up at the same time means the boss will have 5 attacks per turn and can kill you before you have a chance to react. Exploit his weakness with Joker and use any status ailment you have access to so Technical Attacks can happen. Starting from 1/13, Sumire Yoshizawa's Confidant can progress past Rank 5. When the Treasure is found, you can farm as much as you like, but for now, focus on reaching the end of the Palace; When you are using the grappling hook to climb the outside of the tower, the Seed will be at the very top. Ella Give him the Mystery Stew and get. During the Persona fusion tutorial, fuse Arsene and Pixie to get Agathion (Chariot, 3). These objectives are not needed for any trophy. The amount of days depends on the type of lottery that is available in the week you buy the ticket, some types of lottery don't work for the trophy so basically you have to keep buying tickets until you get it; Since the days that you can see the result change, it's not possible to have it in the schedule. Status ailments don't have a high chance to work but they can keep one of them out of the fight until you do some damage to the other. The Magician Arcana will reach rank 10 on 12/23. After this point, he can most typically be located in Kichijoji right outside of Penguin Sniper, the bar where you go to play billiards and darts. Go inside and use the grappling hook to reach a new area where this Palace Guardian awaits. Moral Support: Chance to cast Kaja or party-healing magic during battle. You can also invite Futaba to learn Support Plus, which lets her cast Masakunda. Maid Cafe When you have the necessary money, continue forward to start the story events. Importing P5 Saved Data Kasumi (Faith) Be sure to guard against his powerful attack (when Mishima or Shiho appear) otherwise, it can one-shot multiple people. For that, fuse Leanan Sidhe, High Pixie, and Cait Sith in advanced fusion; Fuse Tam Lin and Anzu to get Hariti (Empress, 40), at level 41 she learns Samarecarm; Now fuse Sandman and Orobas to get Pisaca (Death, 28); With advanced fusion, fuse Pixie, Hariti, and Pisaca to get Bugs (Fool, 49) pass on Samarecarm; Activate the bridge and find the treasure; If you have coins to spare, go back to the main hall and buy the other items available; Capture a Ganesha in this Palace and fuse it with a Queen's Necklace to get Horus (Sun, 47); If you are not following the Recommended Fusion Path, you need to fuse Eligor and Regent to get Thoth (Emperor, 36); Also fuse Tam Lin and Bicorn to get Anubis (Judgement, 36). Kick a plank to unlock a shortcut back to the previous area. You will find yourself in a new small area with the Blue Seed and the Guardian; Spear-Wielding General and Guard Dog of Hades: At the start of the fight they will use Desperation that lowers the defense but increase their attack. Al Azif To differentiate between whether the protagonist could have a free block of time during evenings, one should pay attention to the protagonist's spawn location: If he enters Leblanc from the ground floor, that means the protagonist can have free time available during that day. March Because of this, it's recommended that you cast Tarunda to reduce his damage output. This list will eventually get to the Personas and sacrifices required for the best weapons, guns and armor for all party members. Johanna Takuto Maruki Consultant Confidant The Limited Sweets Set has x2 revive items; Solve the crossword puzzle downstairs: the answer is Charisma, Go to Yongen-Jaya Movie Theater and watch the movie Over the Pigeon's Nest (12/18). This is a story event and can't be skipped. Hang out with Ryuji, he is at Shibuya Arcade; Go to Shibuya Station Square and speak with the politician. This combination makes them very dangerous since they can trigger Technical Attacks by combining their skills. Robot Haru is the last part of this fight and she doesnt hit hard but will self-destroy when you do a bit of damage to her. Follow Up: Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker's attack does not down the enemy. For example, if it lands on elec, Sae will take more damage from wind, if it lands on psy, she will take more damage from nuclear. Fishing At this point in the game you can buy anything you want since the major expenditure is behind us. Another thing players will want to keep an eye on are IMs. You will need at least 2 so make sure to select 4; Head over to Shibuya Central Street and enter the Big Bang Burger; Read the book Factorization Guide (34/46) during class; You can use Treasure Traps to increase the chance of finding Treasure Demons. This is not a Rank Up; Read the book Master Swordsman (23/46) in class, It's necessary to get the first answer wrong on purpose, say "Calm down" for 0 points. New DLC Persona in P5R Gallows ), P: 1/2: "Leave it to me." Giving something to a Confidant is only possible when you are spending time with them but not ranking up, The next visit to Mementos will be during a Pollen Warning, which means that Shadows have a chance to ask for Wide Eye Drops during the negotiation and they will be captured automatically. Use Agathion and Pixie to get it; Answer the phone message to study with Ryuji, Use the DVD in your room to watch DVD Guy McVer (3/12), The Allergy Relief Pack gives x20 Wide Eye Drops that cure Dizzy plus an accessory that Resists Confuse, The Cosmetic Cure Gift has x2 gifts for Confidants. In every Palace there will be a new Treasure Demon and it's important that you capture all of them once; Treasure Demons have a chance to appear every time you loot an object or start a battle. OR "Whos the Master here?" If you want him to appear you can go up and down between two floors until it happens, There are 2 Stamps in the previous area so backtrack to get those, Sometimes when you get down to another area there may be an ATM to loot for tons of SP recovery items. Social (rank 5 Knowledge "Erudite" required), Get request "Upstaging the Stage Mother. Anns Domina is still useful but the next boss has ice magic and can knock her down quite easily. Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The boss is weak to wind and immune to ailments. Starter Customization: Allows you to customize your gun and install upgrades. Status ailments will be extremely useful but aren't guaranteed to land. For starters, Persona 5 has a very Persona 3 feel to it. Just make sure you dont use any spells that hit all targets because the clones will reflect their element back at you. He is weak to elec so have Ryuji in your party to be able to exploit weakness, Baton Pass and All-Out-Attack. Follow up: Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Jokers attack does not down the enemy. Narikin: Earn double money if a battle is won in 1 turn after a successful ambush. Chihaya Confidant - Availability. Confidants are the main social aspect of the game. Jazz Jin Arguably one of the biggest changes made to Persona 5 Royal was the player's newfound ability to befriend the Detective Prince on their own time. Charismatic Speech: Allows you to form contracts with higher-level Shadows. In this infiltration it's not possible to fully explore, just follow the path. After defeating the Shadow, backtrack a little bit and go through some pipes and generators to the right of the corridor. 2/3: "They won't find out." Orpheus Telos Picaro Once again there will be restrictions to what you can do inside the Palace. Don't hold back on your items like Soma and other ones that can fully heal. If you are on the path to the true ending, you will not miss it. Combine fire skills from Ann and Jack-o'-Lantern and use All-Out-Attacks when the boss is down. Chihaya Mifune You will automatically start a new Confidant; Interact with the coffee siphon in LeBlanc and brew coffee, Solve the crossword puzzle downstairs: the answer is Japanese. Use all the small boilie you get for free and try not to miss a single boilie; Buy the Star Mirror from the General Store in Shinjuku; Go to Shibuya Underground Mall and buy the Heart Ring from the Jewelry Store; Choose Asakusa Oshiage and select Nakamise Street, Solve the crossword puzzle downstairs: the answer for this is Illuminate, Go to Shibuya Central Street Movie Theater and watch the movie Clean Hard (13/18). Recommended Trait Skills The Super Detox Set has x8 items that cure any ailments for one ally. The number alone may be intimidating, but it is indeed possible to max out all of them on a single playthrough. All persona 5 ROYAL in one illustration ! The guide also has a section for how to use your time each day, if you can't decide. These items set up a barrier that reflect one attack from physical sources or magical. Updated Confidant Guides 3. This Guide has all that and more. OR "That's how he ropes you in." The same applies to Akechi, who needs to be Rank 8 before 11/24 to unlock his Third Awakening. During this infiltration you won't be able to freely explore, so just follow the path; Boss Warped Abyss: This fight can be very difficult because you can only use Joker and Akechi. Confidant Gift Guide Third Tier Persona Full points for the dialogue options for Rank 2. Near the end of the game, he gives the . Art Talk: If negotiations with a lone Shadow fails, you can try again. Get request "The Bark and Bite of a Bully" the next day. This means that this battle can take a long time and you may even run out of SP before it ends. Madarames Palace You must buy and give them gift items to ensure that they will rank higher when you spend time with them again. Try to keep a balance between dealing damage to the main boss and not letting the battlefield get swarmed by Fused Ghosts. Housekeeping: Allows you to request Kawakami to brew coffee or do laundry for you. During this period, switch to a Persona that is resistant or immune to physical attacks. Small vial of liquid. Ask for a luck reading about Charm from Chihaya; Solve the crossword puzzle downstairs: the answer is Island, Head to Shibuya Central Street and talk to the Twins (5/13). A sword that possesses the power to transmutate. Kamoshidas Palace Choose the three members that you are most comfortable with; Interact with the TV in your room and choose to play a game. Togo System: Allows you to swap current party with backup members during anyones turn. Availability. Money is really tight at the beginning and the accessory is not as useful as it was in the normal version of the game. Go to arcade in Shibuya and speak to the Angry Gamer, Go into Mementos and attempt the boss. 0 means the globe is turned off and 1 is turned on. It will be a combat-heavy segment with a Palace, followed by a Mementos trip, and then another Palace. Joses Shop and Services During these days you can read any book without consuming a time slot; Read the book The Great Thief in the metro (1/46). Jazz Jin