It's a nonprofit based in Afghanistan that helps girls access education. View the profiles of people named Pashtana Durrani. DURRANI: Thank you for having me. How is this affecting them, and what are they saying? For him, I was a child. And that's what we have been focusing on right now. Pashtana Durrani is a visiting fellow at the Wellesley Centers for Women. DURRANI: Today, we got this news where they would be stopping girls from going to all these, you know, extracurricular activities or afterschool programs that are being used right now to teach girls secondary school subjects. Today, I do both. The last time that she spoke with Ian Bremmer on GZERO World, she was in hiding, moving location to location, in order to avoid the Taliban as they took over the country. Pashtana Durrani, executive director of LEARN, a nonprofit focused on women's education in Afghanistan, gives an update on life in the country one week after the Taliban takeover. So it has been an emotional journey, honestly, and everyone is scared. DURRANI: I remember our Kabul school, five, six months ago, one of these people who were trying to get us help and they were donors in the U.S., and a bomb blast happened in Afghanistan, in Kabul, and that affected a lot of our students. She is working remotely to finish her degree at the American University, and through her position at the Wellesley Centers for Women she is preparing to research better ways to distribute humanitarian aid and strategies for mitigating the corruption that she has frequently witnessed in the humanitarian aid industry. Durrani is the founder of LEARN Afghanistan (@LearnAfg), a grassroots organization established to safely and securely provide education to girls through a distributed network of tablet computers using an offline platform. At the moment, Durraniis settling into her life in the United States and her new home at Wellesley College. You're now working at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. And I kept on telling them that a lot of them lost their brothers in the bomb blast and they can no more come because they cannot travel alone and they are not allowed to be alone. LIMBONG: You graduated from university in May, right? A srie examina o papel das mulheres no sculo XXI e inclui eventos em Londres, [1] no Mxico [2] e no Brasil.Assim que a lista divulgada, o comeo do que descrito pelo projeto como a "temporada das mulheres da BBC", com durao de trs semanas, I'll believe them when they actually walk the talk instead of them claiming whatever they do, she said in a new interview on GZERO World. Pashtana Zalmai Khan Durrani started advocating for girls education in Afghanistan when she was just DURRANI: It has been an emotional roller coaster journey, in all honesty. I'm actually a nineties kid. This is what the framework we are trying to develop right now, and these many girls will get scholarship. She was a global youth representative for Amnesty International and a board member of the steering committee for the Global Environment Facility, an international partnership to address pressing environmental concerns. Because of this, three major international aid groups, including Save the Children, have suspended their operations. Advancing the study of Georgia and the South Caucasus through research and scholarly exchange, teaching, and outreach. The fact that he left me in the same inheritance that he left my brother, that makes me feel like I was not seen as less than a son. Durranifounded LEARN to make education available to girls who dont have access to schools, and to provide access to technological education through community schools in underserved and impoverished areas. Our full-featured web hosting packages include everything you need to get started with your website, email, blog and online store. PassBlue spoke with Pashtana Durrani, a human-rights activist from Kandahar this week. I'll believe them when they open schools for girls. I guess that will help you a lot. I came from a very rich family, I would say, or sort of family that could afford living - housing and everything. By using our website you consent to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, including the transfer of your personal data to the United States from your country of residence, and our use of cookies described in our Cookie Policy. pashtana durrani biography. Pashtana Durrani, Self: Pod Save the World. Women will be dying because of postmortem hemorrhage and anything that's prenatal, postnatal health care problem that could not be dealt with someone within the village. Menu. Read more at . There were times where I would have cried. During her time at WCW, she is continuing her research to help Afghan women and girls pursue education and support the health of Afghan mothers and babies. Add a bio, trivia, and more. Wellesley Centers for WomenWellesley College106 Central StreetWellesley, MA 02481-8203 USA, Copyright 2022 Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College | Privacy Policy, National SEED Project | National Institute on Out-of-School Time, Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience. Copyright 2022 NPR. WebPashtana Durrani. It's easier because I have been encouraged all my life, and that's more important for me. DURRANI: Let's say, in the next five years, girls are not graduating from high school. Cambridge, MA 02138, 2023 President and Fellows of Harvard College, Statements on Russias War against Ukraine, Secondary Field in Regional StudiesRussia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, Concurrent Degree in Regional StudiesRussia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, Working Group on the Future of U.S.-Russia Relations. They alert us when OverDrive services are not working as expected. The Davis Center stands with the people of Ukraine and with the many people around the world who are and will be harmed by this war. Pashtana Durrani is a visiting fellow at the Wellesley Centers for Women. Movies. And my father just replied back, it's not a woman, it's my child. And I feel like it's very important when we talk about stuff like this, because for my father, I was a child, even if I was nine or ten years old, growing and physically changing. She is an Afghan human rights activist and community development expert whose focus is girls education. Yesterday, the Afghan government banned women from working in local and international non-governmental organizations. One was tortured to die, and the other one was kidnapped for three days because she posted something on Facebook. We teach them in our underground schools. Now the highest level of education an Afghan girl can attain is the sixth grade, but there are concerns that even that could change. So we would try to give them scholarships or, like, you know, find them sponsors. Release Calendar Top 250 Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Im working on my anxiety and my fear of socialization. But all of your family and friends are still back home in Afghanistan. Absolute honor that LEARNs work and Pashtana Zalmai Khan Durrani work is recognized by UN Youth Envoy and featured in their new blog post. So it has been an emotional journey, honestly, and everyone is scared. For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular. 1. In the first part of our two-hour finale to our History of Afghanistan series, Tim Nunan, lecturer in global history at the Free University of Berlin, moderates a panel discussion where he, Danny, and Derek are joined by Pashtana Durrani, founder of LEARN Afghan, and Haroun Rahimi, lawyer and visiting professor at Universit Bocconi.In this first part of the She is also a global youth representative for Amnesty International and the Malala Fund Education Champion. Anyways. We teach them in our underground schools. Even we go to the lengths where we are trying to pay for chaperones who would, you know, drop and pick the girls at specific times. LIMBONG: That was Pashtana Durrani. So they would come from Barchi (ph) to this school that we had in Kabul. On March 10, 2022, Slater International Center and the Wellesley Centers for Women co-sponsored International Womens Day: Women in the World, an in-person and virtual event featuring guest speaker Pashtana Durrani.Durrani is a visiting fellow at WCW and an Afghan human rights activist and community development expert whose focus is girls education. How's it going? I will believe them when they open working spaces for girls. Three weeks ago, we had a student that was kidnapped. And the Taliban will suspect that they are going to somewhere where they're going to learn. Its more about taking the good and putting it to use for any human. Writer/Columnist at Afghanistan Times. She is also a winner for the 2021 Tllberg-SNF-Eliasson Emerging Leader prize, which recognizes leaders who have addressed complex global challenges in innovative ways. Class of 2022. LIMBONG: You left Afghanistan. I am the sort of person who sees a problem and has to find a solution. Three weeks ago, we had a student that was kidnapped. Part of the program includes The Fem Words Meera Dahiya spoke with Pashtana about her own experience with education, her can-do attitude, and how organizations like LEARN are even more important in protecting their right to an education. DURRANI: I don't know, honestly. But you always have to have some practical work before you lobby for activism or anything like that. For the past one year, I have seen U.S. appoint multiple people for Afghans, but tell me one concrete position that they hold or they have done or a framework where they said, OK, these many girls are going to get educated from an alternative way to learning. Thats how governments work in Afghanistan. You guys are running underground schools and such. Pashtana Durrani is the founder and executive director of LEARN, a non-profit organization aimed at empowering girls in Afghanistan through education. What do you think that they should be doing? Currently, the Talibans takeover of Afghanistan, which began in August 2021, has limited girls ability to attain an education. DURRANI: So for starters, let's say a year ago, girls were allowed to travel. So again, it's just going to the school and there is no teacher available. So this - you know, this public space for women is shrinking. See also Other Works | Publicity Listings | Official Sites View agent, publicist, legal I didn't have that complex at all. Visit's Pashtana Durrani Page and shop for all Pashtana Durrani books. In 2018 she founded LEARN Afghanistan, a nonprofit that works to expand educational opportunities in the country, and has educated thousands of Afghan boys, girls, and women, and trained dozens of teachers in digital literacy. He's like, it's the woman thing, that was very weird to them. Her nonprofit, LEARN, has started emergency relief programs for women and children facing malnutrition and starvation. Past Event Women in Afghanistan and the role of US support. My living circumstances were pretty much good. Over the course of years, of course I have met girls, I have seen how they become the person that they are, and that makes me want to work more and focus more on girls' education. Create your website with Loopia Sitebuilder. When I grew up, I never thought, I'm going to be part of it, but I became part of it. adilkhan durrani biography / bollywood biography/ I never myself, I was not a victim of poverty, so I don't want to take up that space. It's a nonprofit based in Afghanistan that helps girls access education. These cookies help us understand user behavior within our services. Fellow. My father was a visionary, and he informed my path for Afghanistans education program, but it was my mother who told me quitting was never an option, and that big goals mean I have to put in more hours to do the work that I do.. Im trying to reconnect with my faith. I started LEARN because as a child, my family started the school when we were kids and it was for young girls. International Representative at Amnesty International. And not all the girls are allowed to be in the same class at all times because of security. Now safely in the US after fleeing Afghanistan in That's it. I don't look for metaphors. You could talk about all these problems, but somebody has to find a proper issue and then I found a solution for it.

In the December 30, 1967, edition of the weekly Thoroughbred trade publication, the Blood-Horse, was an announcement that took up one inch of spaceJames E. "Ted" Bassett III had been named assistant to the president of the Keeneland Association. There are times where I would have screamed at world leaders. 2: Rural areas have been war-stricken like Mexico. She is Director of LEARN Afghanistan October 5, 2021 Afghan girls attend a class in a school in Kandahar on September 26, 2021 / Bulent Kilic / AFP via Getty Images) I have moved seven times since the Taliban took over. And the first thing the guy says is, when you were a kid, your father used to take you out in a car and we can, we used to see and used to be like, why do you take your daughter in a car everywhere you go?. As a child, she especially enjoyed biographies. LIMBONG: If women and girls are being denied an education right now, what do you think the broader future for Afghanistan looks like? money, finance, women leaders, banking, globalization, economy, Survivors: Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence, Dahiya Facial Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. Ahmad Shah Durrani, who is considered the founder of the modern state of Afghanistan, belonged to the Abdali tribe. In 1747, after establishing the Afghan Empire based in Kandahar, he adopted the epithet Shh Durr-i-Durrn, "King, Pearl of Pearls," and changed the name of the tribe to "Durrani" after himself. Durranireturned home determined to help women and girls educate themselves. And I kept on getting asked by the donor, why isn't students showing up? Pashtana Durrani is the executive director of LEARN. Everything around me is packed in boxes. That's why LEARN started. Durrani was named an Education Champion by the Malala Fund for her outstanding work to advance Afghan girls education. So it's much easier for me to focus on solutions. Since then, we have given them internet connection, gotten them laptops, made sure that the teachers within Afghanistan connect with each other and teach the girls at home. 1730 Cambridge Street, 3rd Floor LEARN also focuses on girls health, and has trained 700 girls in menstrual hygiene management. But then once that was banned and women were not allowed to go to other provinces, then within the same provinces, we partnered up with community leaders and opened up schools in people's houses. Pashtana Durrani was among the BBC 100 influential women list for the year 2021. Since then, we have given them internet connection, gotten them laptops, made sure that the teachers within Afghanistan connect with each other and teach the girls at home.